New CEAS: Fire prevention systems

The sprinkler system is the most widespread system in the world and is designed to control a fire in industrial and civil buildings.

It consists of a sprinkler assembly and the related supply pipes and controlled through automatic opening valves.

The types are varied and must already meet the UNI EN 12485 standards during the design phase:
Wet: the pipes are constantly kept full of water and the intervention will be located following the breakage of one or more sprinkler heads when the temperature rises due to the fire. The area concerned will be exclusively limited only to the offending area
Dry: the pipes are kept under pressure with compressed air. The opening of one or more sprinkler heads affected by the heat zone causes a depression that allows the automatic opening of the control valve by starting the water flow
Preaction: the pipes are full of air, at low pressure, having the task of monitoring their integrity. Use a fire detection system that controls the control valve. The alarm by the detectors activates the opening of the automatic valve allowing the passage of water in the pipes which will then be discharged on the fire through the thermally driven heads. This system is used to prevent accidental damage.

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